Diego Aviscantus*PL

Name: Diego Aviscantus*PL
Born: November 09, 2009
Age: 10 years and 5 days
Color: Blue with White Blotched Tabby (MCO a 09 22)
Mother: GIC Pola Cooni-Gaj*PL
Father: GIC Agostino
Status: taken

Boy at 21th December 2009, at the age of 6 weeks old, died as a result of chronic inflammation of the digestive tract. Despite great effort, intensive veterinary assistance, and in the final two sleepless nights, we could not do anything to save him. He was extremely friendly, very fond of sitting on our knees, had an amazing character. We will always remember him.


Kitten at the age of: 5 tygodni





Kitten at the age of: 4 tygodnie




Kitten at the age of: 2 tygodnie