We have kittens. Elza became a mom.

February 08, 2012 08:32 (2012-02-08 08:32:36 UTC)

After few month lasting break, we do have kittens again. Last thursday (February 4) Ezla became a mom for the first time. She gave birth to six kittens. At the moment it seems that all the kittens are males, but the case is not yet concluded. There is a slight likelihood that some of the red (cream) kids turn on to be a girl in the end. We are especially excited, because that is the first time for our Eliot to become a parent too. 

Childbirth took place without any problem, kittens's born weight was quite large (130-150g) and Elza is proving to be a fantastic mother. We have posted pictures of our new babies in the kittens section. 

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