New photos of Gucio, Gina and Giger

February 23, 2011 20:13 (2011-02-23 20:13:33 UTC)

On the pages of Gucio, Gina and Ginger there are new photos of our kittens. Those are the last photos made in cattery, as the kittens are moving to new homes during the upcoming week. We also...

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All the G-Litter kittens are already reserved

February 21, 2011 13:52 (2011-02-21 13:52:39 UTC)

G Litter kittens are reserved. At this point we do not have any available kittens, nor expecting any new litters in the upcoming weeks. If you ware intrested in Maine Coon kittens, please check out...

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Last kitten available. New photos of our kittens!

January 30, 2011 21:38 (2011-01-30 21:38:27 UTC)

Currently we have only one G-Litter kitten available. Gina will be available for collection around 20th february. All kittens from G litter got new photos taken in their galleries. We invite everyone...

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All F-Litter kittens are already in their new homes.

January 29, 2011 21:51 (2011-01-29 21:51:40 UTC)

Lately all the F-Litter kittens grew over 12 weeks old, and the sad "Good Bye" came to be. Every kitten is in their new home already. Of course we miss them a lot, but we know that they are taken care...

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"F" - Litter kittens are already 10 weeks old

January 08, 2011 21:30 (2011-01-08 21:30:02 UTC)

In the kittens section one can see the new photos of our kittens. "F" litter is already 10 weeks old. We warmly welcome you to check our newest photos. Unfortunately all the kittens have found new...

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New photos are there!

December 27, 2010 08:34 (2010-12-27 08:34:36 UTC)

In the kittens section one can see the new photos of our newborn kittens. "F" litter is already 8 weeks old and "G" litter babies are over 3 weeks old. Enjoy!

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"G" Litter - Kittens are already 2 weeks old - new photos

December 12, 2010 16:22 (2010-12-12 16:22:36 UTC)

Litter "G" kittens are already almost two weeks old. Please check out the kittens section, for new photos of our kittens.

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Litter "G" was born

December 04, 2010 17:28 (2010-12-04 17:28:16 UTC)

Last tuesday, on 30th november, Matylda gave birth to kittens from litter "G". Agostino is the father of this litter. This time we have one red boy and two tortoise girls. We are very happy, because...

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"F" litter is 4 weeks old - new pictures

November 25, 2010 20:00 (2010-11-25 20:00:24 UTC)

Our "F" litter - childerns of Pola Cooni-Gaj*PL and Agostino - are already 4 weeks old! Everyone is doing just great. Kittens are wormed twice and their weight is around 450-500g (15.9-17.6oz). They...

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New lady in our cattery - Elza Cooni-Gaj*PL

November 23, 2010 06:38 (2010-11-23 06:38:04 UTC)

In early October, we welcomed our new lady - Elza Cooni-Gaj*PL. Elza is a tortie. She great character and constantly urges the stroking. :-) She had a great start on a cat show in Puławy. On the second...

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